Atec is a distributor of Insulation and Green Energy Conservation products.

     Atec Distribution Company, Inc. is a privately owned company established in 1976. We specialize in commercial piping insulation, insulated air duct products, and tank insulation. We carry conventional as well as new green energy materials. All of the products we carry are made in the USA.

    We are a full service distributor, we will handle small, large, private, government, and military installation projects. We sell direct to contractors and to suppliers of related pipe, duct, and tank products. Many times, for example, a supplier of pipe will also supply the insulation that goes along with the piping requirements, and we distribute to this type of supplier. We will also distribute to most suppliers in need of our products.

     Atec inventories all of the products listed in our products page on this website.  Many other insulation products are available to you from our manufacturers. Atec will custom order, drop ship to your location or ship to our warehouse for your pickup or delivery.

    Atec is ready to provide you with high quality, competitively priced products, with prompt and reliable service.